Fleet Masters provides customized and comprehensive defensive driving courses , DOT inspections, HAZMAT Title 49, and general commercial vehicle safety training. We can also provide expert on scene consulting for Accident investigations and HAZMAT incident response.


Agfinity drivers are a combination of cars, pickups, straight trucks, and semi-tractor trailers. Our organization has been utilizing Fleet Masters services for the past three years and have been very satisfied with their performance and service. Fleet Masters hands-on practical experience training was invaluable to Agfinity. Bob’s experience excelled in giving the drivers a better understanding and being prepared when on the road.
Glen Ross

SAFETY, Agfinity

The Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District (Northern Water) in Berthoud, Colorado had one of the best safety meetings ever for their employees this summer. Bob Kaminky presented a defensive driving class with a classroom presentation and real life experiences were shared by Bob and his other instructors. The classroom session was not the ordinary boring type of presentation. Employees got to actually drive a car, SUV and a pickup through an obstacle course which included parallel parking and backing up through a series of cones. Then employees were given a refresher course on how to check their oil, check tire pressure, and how to change a tire. Northern Water has never received such positive feedback on any safety class they have ever offered from employees. It was amazing how the employees enjoyed networking and became very supportive of each other during this class. This is a presentation that Northern Water would highly recommend to other business or organization.


HR Manager, Northern Water

I have been the Safety Administrator over the past eight years for 5 oil field service companies in Colorado. One of my major responsibilities was DOT and driver safety. In total the company maintained a large DOT fleet. As the company expanded it became apparent that we needed assistance with all DOT and safe driving standards in order for our programs to maintain compliance. In order for our programs to maintain compliance, Fleet Masters Defensive Driving Specialists developed programs that best suited our needs. Began driver training classes, setup vehicle inspection protocols, and “real time” monitoring of the entire fleet. Since bringing Fleet Masters Defensive Driving Specialists on board, the companies have not been involved in any traffic accidents, have not received any driver citations nor inspection citations and are in compliance with all DOT requirements. I highly recommend this company.

Chuck Black

Safety Administrator, All Around Energy Services

All of our instructors are current or retired Law Enforcement Officers. The owner and senior instructor served with the Colorado State patrol for 23 years with the last 15 year assigned to the Motor Carrier Safety Division HAZMAT response section. He was also a Lead driving instructor for the Colorado State Patrol for 18 years.